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Jason Freeny is an American artist and designer famous for his reproduction of well-known pop culture toys into sculptures with one side being half dissected.

Basically, Jason Freeny blurs the lines between toy design, art, science, and teaching. Famous for his iconic anatomical character dissections, Jason utilizes his industrial design prototyping techniques to create hyper-polished, hand-made sculptures that are often confused as actual mass-produced toys. He has collaborated with MightyJaxx, a Singapore Toy Company, and produced a limited edition of toys inspired by his handmade sculpture. He often uses very popular characters in cartoons to create his anatomical sculpture and toys.

Jason Freeny is a New York-based sculptor and toy designer. Voted "2014 Fan Favorite" by Clutter Magazine readers, Freeny blurs the lines between toy design, art, science, and teaching. Cartoons, tv shows, pop culture characters, you name it, Jason Freeny has dissected them all. Renowned for his anatomical take on fan-favorite cartoon characters, Jason plays with funny anatomy the way we have never seen it before.

Born in Silver Spring Maryland, Jason studied industrial design at Pratt Institute and spent most of his early career in production, retail, and properties design with MTV Networks and ESPN before going solo in 2010. Since 2006, Jason has been meticulously exploring the innards of some of our favorite characters for our enjoyment. In 2015 Jason teamed up with Singapore-based toy company MightyJaxx to produce limited-edition sculpture reproductions and manufactured toys based on his creations.

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