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Hebru Brantley is a multimedia artist from America, well-known for his superb mix of anime and graffiti art. Working in various mediums, Hebru is the most famous for his murals and sculptural works that are playful and approachable, often hiding serious undertones. Although very successful and highly collectible, Hebru communities in a new way of storytelling through art, often leaving his audience baffled.

In his own words, he combines “energetic narratives—moments of reality from his life and the lives of his peers, mixed with fantastical fiction—to create a fragmented environment of make-belief.” His amazing work revolves around iconography inspired by his childhood growing up in Chicago, drawing on pop culture, nostalgia, and hope. He challenges the traditional view of the hero or protagonist - his character, Flyboy, was born from the notion of creating a set of characters within a canon that existed alongside Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Batman, through this concept of dark fiction.

Hebru’s immersive paintings and sculptures give a mind-blowing interpretation of how realism is felt and experienced in the pop world. For the source of inspiration, Hebru dives deep into cinematography, comics, and advertising to create a fragmented image of these streamlines and their icons. While talking about mass consumption and collective iconic aesthetics, Hebru Brantley’s kitschy and colorful sculptures get in touch in a unique way with the full-on positive society they were created for. As a matter of fact, his inspiration, and style come from a strong relationship with his childhood and simple cartoonish figures and comics characters.


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