Gonzalo Borondo



Gonzalo Borondo is a famous Spanish artist, muralist, painter, designer, and performer. He explores light and shadow using the scratching technique. The human figure is Borondo’s main form of expression, using their bodily positions to signify his message. Borondo is reinventing street art by using an original method of “glass scratching” - "The glass has something that other materials do not have. It is fragile but strong at the same time. It is a mystery that I still have not been able to understand."

Gonzalo Borondo’s artworks are full of meaning, some works are more subliminal than others, but they never leave the viewers indifferent. His immersive acrylic and graphite on canvas are about light, fusion, and formlessness. A dissolving form in search of perfection. Borondo, who is often credited with reinventing figure painting for contemporary art, creates innovative large paintings that, without filters and uncensored, investigate and distort the human body. He naturally paints flesh: damaged, dimpled, altered, turning the art historical theme of humans upside down. His thick, bruised figures tackle taboo issues and bring raw images of our contemporary world.

His art book project "The Memento Mori" shows an impressive debut for Borondo into the world of art books. This book has been created from the archives of Borondo himself and gives us a genuine insight into the artistic processes of the acclaimed street artist. In this book the artist lets us discover himself in complete freedom and honesty, opening the doors of his archive and showing an unknown part of his work, which represents indeed the heart of all his artistic production.

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