Fintan Magee


Well-known in the world of street art for his larger-than-life murals, Fintan Magee is a Sydney-based social realist artist. Throughout his large-scale murals, Fintan often uses personal experiences in order to describe global world issues. Fintan Magee depicts individuals of all social classes, often trying to convey not grandeur or even beauty, but rather the commonplace - in all its ordinariness. The lives and works of ordinary people. Simple as that. And Fintan does it on another level. Technically brilliant, Fintan Magee's large-scale murals have a dose of that indefinable quality of life, and they are simply breathtaking.

In today's street art scene, Fintan Magee's powerful murals stand apart among many street artists. Versatile both in the studio and in public, Fintan has painted murals and exhibited his paintings all over the world. His work is often informed by his keen interest in politics and global events, often dealing with environmental and human issues such as climate change and migration.

Fintan Magee was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture since his early teenage years and before he started creating canvas-based works, he was strolling the streets of Brisbane and scrawling his name across the city with vibrant and unique letterforms. His international recognition came mostly from his astonishing murals which are scattered all around the world today. Besides murals, Fintan Magee creates paintings and limited edition prints. As a leading figure in the Australian street art scene, Fintan Magee left his unique street art mark all over the world, from Sydney and Melbourne, all the way to London, Vienna, Los Angeles, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Moscow, and Oslo, to name a few.

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