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Among the most representative artist on the international cultural scene is Liberty Du, who is worldwide famous as Faith XLVII, is a South African multi-disciplinary artist.Faith launched an innovative approach to painting which challenges traditional dichotomies between figuration and abstraction, as well as disrupting the relationships between avant-garde art, craft, pop culture, and technology.

Her journey into art began on the streets of South Africa in 1997, as a young graffiti writer taking on the name Faith47 (the number being a reference to her grandmother's numerological theorem). In 2006, Liberty began on a nomadic journey, bringing her to create works in 39 countries. Her work questions gender and sexuality issues, our ordinary and rigid boundaries between male and female, almost like her art is some kind of visual poetry that interprets the time, memory, and a sense of displacement.

Faith's evolution from street artist to the multi-disciplinary artist has created a fluid yet solid bridge into the contemporary art world. This explorative approach has led her to develop a broad range of artwork. Ranging from immersive new media installations, hand-sewn wall tapestries, to the sculptural bronze works investigating hierarchies of power, paintings, and various explorations into printmaking. Her astonishingly beautiful art displays emotionally intense and dramatic portraits of human faces.

Today, her artwork can be found in several private and public collections including Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Lighthouse Properties in Philadelphia, and the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation in South Africa. She has shown at the Calais Museum of Fine Art and the Bernard Magrez Foundation in France, Mana Contemporary, and the Brooklyn Museum, both in the USA.

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