Ernest Zacharevic


“Every landscape has it’s character, culture and its own stories. I often won’t come up with an idea of what to paint until I have had time to see the space and experience the immediate surroundings.”

Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic is a famous Lithuanian-born visual and street artist. His extraordinary art can be found both in the street and in galleries. By mixing the culture and community of a place and adding his artistic interventions to different cities across the world, Ernest perfectly blends fine art techniques with a passion for public space, working in a variety of mediums. He usually uses oil paint, stencil, spray, and sculpture to communicate clever and complex concepts.

By taking advantage of building façades, storefronts, and weathered walls as an artistic arena and canvas, he becomes one with the urban fabric and creates site-specific interactions between his artworks and their host location, with ideas arising in spontaneous response to the environment. Going between both outdoor locales and gallery spaces, his brilliant dynamic compositions impart introspective ideas on culture, childhood, and the characteristics of a community.

Zacharevic’s journey in the world of art started in an art school as a child, where he later continued his education at the art academy with a degree in the field of graphic arts. He did not find this education inspiring, though it was through graffiti that kept his creative spirit alive during these times. After finishing his classical training, Ernest began to place his works in the public space: the combination of found objects with murals defined his artistic expression from a very early stage.

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