Ele Zissou



Elena González aka Ele Zissou is a Spanish illustrator and muralist from Salamanca. Well-known for her whimsical, colorful, and bright characters, Ele creates eye-catching pieces of art. Having been inspired by nature, her childhood experiences, animated series and movies that she has seen since she was little, and other illustrators she admires, Ele Zissou has created her own visual universe full of fun and adorable characters, but with a certain mysterious background. Her art is wonderfully bright and a positive breath of fresh air on today's art scene. Ele loves to experiment and try different supports and techniques, and it is because of this desire to try new things that she began to paint murals.

"I studied graphic design and worked for a while as a designer. A few years ago I realized that design didn't make me happy and I decided to give the illustration a chance, a world that I have always liked. And it is in this world where I have found my big passion, where I feel more comfortable, and where I put all my efforts and illusions. Within illustration I focus a lot on character design, I have created my own universe full of color, and funny and unique characters who tell stories. My work ranges from illustration and character design to mural painting, from my small screen to large walls."

The majority of Ele's work is populated with cheerful and friendly characters, including humans, animals, and combinations of the two. These characters, who are situated in a magical world that sits between our own and fantasy land, express Ele's love for nature as they rush around with happy plant pots and proudly wave flags from the sides of buildings.

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