Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano is an internationally established artist, designer, muralist, and master of color, whose personal and visual identity is firmly rooted in The Bronx.His Graffiti/Street art designs and canvases were shaped by and helped develop the visual identity that emerged from the cultural tensions and realities of The Bronx from the mid-1980s to the present. He's exhibited/ painted around the globe since 1980 including NYC, London, Paris, Colombia, Germany, Poland, New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas, China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Los Angeles, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and many more.

His achievements as one of the founders and mainstay members of the street art collective known globally as Tats Cru was celebrated by the Smithsonian Institute at the 35th Annual Folklife Festival in Washington DC and by The Bronx Museum of the Arts.. Coming of age as a young and tough-minded graffiti writer to celebrate individuality through art, Bio and Tats Cru developed iconic styles and strategies that brought them to the attention of established international corporations, artists, celebrities, and fashion designers as well as small independent and local businesses. Bio is specifically known for his mastery in lettering and intuitively developed sense of colors and composition, as well as his organizational skills. Bio’s Iconic HEART has become a fixture on murals and walls across the globe and often in his paintings.The work of Bio continues to negotiate between the local, national and global and is now credited as the single most important group in the movement of visual street culture into public domains. The testimony comes from their feature in many publications, interviews, movies, music videos, documentaries, and worldwide web presence. Celebrity and Brands clients include, among others, NY Knicks, Saks fifth avenue, Heineken, John Meyer, Metallica, Swizz Beats, Jennifer Lopez, Fendi, Lord and Taylor, Mcdonalds, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mont Blanc, Beyoncé, Fat Joe, Romeo Santos, and Nikki Minaj plus numerous other clients and celebrities.

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