Andy Warhol


“Art is what you can get away with”

Andy Warhol was a legendary American artist, illustrator, and filmmaker, and a key figure in the pop art movement. His impact as an artist is far deeper and greater than his one prescient observation that “everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.”

Today, we can say that Andy Warhol deeply impacted the course of art history. He brought the concept of consumerism to the foreground and further popularized the use of art as a reflection of society, but also as social commentary. Andy Warhol is a major influence in the pop culture world. He was an extremely successful artist, whose artworks go for millions of dollars today. His iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Soup Cans, and Coke bottles defined Pop Art influenced visual imagery. He is credited with envisioning a new type of art that glorified (and also criticized) the consumption habits of his contemporaries and consumers today.

His style is best described in his own words: “How can you say one style is better than another? You ought to be able to be an Abstract Expressionist next week, or a Pop artist, or a realist, without feeling you've given up something. I think that would be so great, to be able to change styles”.Even in the 21st century, Andy Warhol’s presence in modern art didn’t just leave his mark on the city that never sleeps, but his work continues to be an integral part of today’s pop culture, appearing in museums and galleries, Bearbrick figures, art toys, clothing, and skateboards.

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