Abraham Calero



"I believe in the ability of art to change the perception of space and our relationship with it. I defend an ephemeral, site-specific, and guerrilla urban art that dignifies the degraded city ... and an elegant gallery work that will last us in time."
Abraham Calero is a well-known street artist from Spain who rose to fame in 2010 with his majestic combinations of popular art, cinematography, music, and history. One can say he's truly the epitome of a multifaceted artist. Abraham is one of the emerging creatives who is moving the culture, discovering and promoting untold narratives. His subjects are in relation to the popular art scene and are implemented by the distinctive and calculated approach to street art. In his witty and brilliant works, we can find a neo-pop variation of other famous pop art artists’ subjects, but also some neo-expressionist and street-art influences. His sometimes satirical art is raising questions about notions of public space and expected behaviors in our contemporary world. With a body of works spanning through various mediums, Abraham creates ironic pieces commenting on popular culture, cinematography, and consumerism. He uses a lot of intricate attributes in his work which makes it visually appealing to the public. Abraham meticulously put great details into his artworks to truly convey the stories that leave no one indifferent. Art is meant to evoke certain emotions and that is exactly what his art does. Besides street art, Abraham Calero has a huge passion for photography. His astonishing photography examines the cultural and historical influences in the formation of personal identities in our contemporary world.
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