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5 Art Prints Every Serious Urban Art Collector Needs to Own

Urban art has transcended its street origins to become a thriving and sought-after genre in the contemporary art world. The vibrancy, ingenuity, and bold statements that define urban art have captivated collectors and enthusiasts alike. For the serious urban art collector, building a curated collection goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about owning pieces that hold cultural significance and artistic prowess. So today, we’ll explore five essential art prints from renowned urban artists that every serious collector should consider adding to their collection.

Nick Walker - "Half The Time" limited edition print, AP blue
Nick Walker – “Half The Time” limited edition print, AP blue

Half The Time

Let’s start with Nick Walker, a British street artist renowned for his signature “gentleman vandal” character. “Half The Time” is a captivating art print that encapsulates Nick Walker’s blend of stencil technique and freehand style. It serves as a reminder to embrace the present and appreciate the passing moments. It also questions the constraints of time in our ever-changing world. Nick Walker’s fusion of classic imagery with urban grit makes this print a must-have for collectors seeking a dynamic statement piece.

Ben Eine I’m So Happy Very Very Happy print
Ben Eine – I’m So Happy Very Very Happy, limited edition print

I’m So Happy Very Very Happy

Known for his vibrant and distinct typography, Ben Eine has transformed lettering into an art form that transcends language barriers. “I’m So Happy Very Very Happy” is a visually striking limited edition art print. It features a colorful arrangement of letters, each adorned with Eine’s signature patterns. This brilliant print exemplifies Ben Eine’s ability to infuse urban aesthetics with bold design. It also makes a coveted addition for urban art collectors who appreciate the marriage of art and language.

An image of a limited edition print by The London Police - Bork Holding Lads - Pink
The London Police – Bork Holding Lads – Pink

Bork Holding Lads

The London Police, a dynamic duo of two great artists, have left an indelible mark on urban art. The guys are known for their whimsical characters and precise geometric forms. “Bork Holding Lads’ – Pink” is a limited edition print that showcases their playful style, combining intricate patterns with endearing characters. This limited edition print captures the essence of The London Police’s artistic journey, making it a vital acquisition for collectors interested in the evolution of urban art.

A limited edition print by The Dotmaster - Trash Bag Still Life - DIOR Edition - Purple
A limited edition print by The Dotmaster – Trash Bag Still Life – Dior Edition – Purple

The Dior Edition

The Dotmaster’s art blurs the line between street art and satirical commentary. “The Dior Edition” is an art print that embodies his unique approach, alluding to themes of heroism and irony. Whether providing a dark commentary on the dangers of consumerism, cynical denouncements as to the state of capitalism and consumerism, or even celebrating the sheer volume and luxuriousness, Dotmaster brilliantly tackles our society with his impeccable art. With its meticulously detailed stenciling and thought-provoking narrative, “The Dior Edition” appeals to collectors who seek urban art with a touch of humor and social commentary.

An image of a limited edition print by SheOne called [POP ROC] , Pink version
SheOne – [POP ROC], Pink version, limited edition print


SheOne‘s distinct abstract style melds graffiti with fine art, resulting in visually captivating compositions. “[POP ROC]” is an art print that exemplifies his mastery of color, movement, and form. The piece showcases bold, energetic strokes that converge to create harmonious chaos on the canvas. Collectors looking to own a piece of urban art that challenges conventions and embraces artistic freedom will find “[POP ROC]” a valuable addition to their collection.

Urban Art Prints

Serious urban art collectors are drawn to pieces that not only elevate their collection aesthetically but also hold profound cultural and artistic significance. The art prints of Nick Walker, Ben Eine, The London Police, The Dotmaster, and SheOne embody the essence of urban art’s evolution—from street to canvas. By acquiring these prints, collectors not only support the urban art movement but also enrich their own collections with pieces that tell a unique and captivating visual story.

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